Caring for your pet at the end of its life




Fabienne Maillefer

Guy Trédaniel

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324 pages
150 x 220 mm

How to deal with the end of your pet’s life and then communicate with it?

The book:

The question of the end of an animal’s life becomes more and more obsessive as our dear companion ages and the signs of time inexorably mark his days. There are also all the situations we are confronted with: accidents, acute illnesses, serious behavioural changes, operations, etc., which often lead us to have to decide very (too) quickly on the fate of our pet.

To get out of this fear, this book offers a passage book, in the form of a question that every pet owner can fill in at any time, in order to be ready when it is time for their companion to leave this earth.

It includes specific accompaniment practices according to the different domestic species (dogs, cats, horses, etc.).

It also answers the fundamental questions that pet owners may ask themselves once their pet has died and how to facilitate communication with its soul:

What does our animal think about death? do animals commit suicide? do they reincarnate? do they have a soul? does euthanasia have consequences for the rest of their life in the afterlife? how do we know if our animal is suffering?

Finally, it proposes rituals of passage inspired by shamanism. This practical book allows each human being confronted with the painful reality of the end of life of his animal to accompany it with dignity, with peace of mind.

Key selling points:

– By Fabienne Maillefer, specialist in animal communication

– The important subject of the end of life of the animal which concerns a very large audience.

– A clear, useful book with concrete answers

Fabienne Maillefer

FABIENNE MAILLEFER is an educational psychologist, founder of the School of Consciousness that she runs and where she offers various workshops to practise intuitive animal communication and intuition development. She is the author of books centred around intuitive animal communication and intuition in general. Animal interpreter and teacher, she constantly shares her knowledge throughout all French-speaking countries and in Canada. She currently lives in Switzerland.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger