Building an Ark




Mario Michael Rampitsch

AT Verlag

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220 pages
9.5 cm x 15.5 cm Colour photos, illustrations

Construct your own self-sufficient tiny house

• Building tiny houses: instructions and first-hand experience
• Your own tiny house for € 12,000
• Inspirations for an alternative lifestyle

Do you dream of having your own little house, reduced to bare necessities and without maintenance costs? Your life becomes independent and close to nature, and if you feel like a change of scenery you take the privacy of your home with you. Mario Rampitsch has made this dream come true: for less than EUR 12,000 he built a resource preserving, mobile, and self-sufficient tiny house, an ark for himself and his family. The building process is thoroughly documented in this book. You will find sound responses to questions about planning, technical implementation, materials, tools, and site selection, with additional food for thought on alternative ways of life. Maybe your tiny house will only take shape in your mind. Or maybe you make it come true one day. Take this booklet with you on your journey, and it will inspire, give courage, and offer sound advice.

Mario Michael Rampitsch

Mario Michael Rampitsch Quit his job as managing director of a design and communications company to become a freelancer pursuing a path of responsible action and creation.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger