Bitter – The Forgotten Taste



Manuela Rüther

AT Verlag

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240 pages
113 colour photos

From Artichoke To Chicory Recipes For Health And Pleasure

• Lust for Bitter!
• Approaching an unusual pleasure step by step
• Recipes, product information, and a »bitter« medicine chest

Bitter is an almost forgotten taste that currently experiences a renaissance both in culinary arts and healthcare. While modern breeding processes have almost entirely eliminated bitter elements from cultivated vegetables, Southern Europe still offers a variety of bitter vegetables and citrus fruit, while herbs from our local forests and meadows are also rich in bitter aromas.

The book portrays the incredibly rich variety of food items carrying more or less intense bitter notes. Starting with only mildly bitter ingredients, the bitterness increases with each new chapter and brings us closer to this unfamiliar source of pleasure. Featured recipes even include desserts and tasty drinks such as healthy smoothies, aperitifs, or spirits. A »bitter« medicine cabinet nicely rounds off the book. Informative texts shed light on sensory, culinary, and cultural historical contexts.

Manuela Rüther

Manuela Rüther born 1979, worked as chef in various award-winning restaurants after finishing school. Since 2008 freelance photographer and author. Her photos, stories, and recipes received numerous awards and are regularly published in magazines, books, and her blog.
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Agence Schweiger