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Katharina Marisa Katz

Knesebeck Verlag

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16.0 x 23.2 cm
Softcover with flaps
192 pages
75 colour illustrations


The practical guide for all working parents

Nowadays, three-quarters of all mothers return to work – some directly after the birth of their children, others after a period of parental leave. They are salaried workers or self-employed, work ten or 60 hours per week. There are numerous models, but they all have one thing in common: the need to strike a new balance between professional and family life. In this book, the author offers helpful tips and new ideas on juggling the demands of work, children and a relationship. The guide answers questions such as: What can I do when I find everything is getting too much for me? How do I draw up a good childcare plan? How do we still find time for ourselves as a couple?

In addition to inspiration, the book offers advice from experts on topics such as mental load, time management, childcare, New Work and self-care.


The first hands-on guide for working parents – with practical aids such as checklists, pans, recipes and life hacks

Widely ranging stories from mothers working from home, in offices, in production or the retail trade show how others master the challenge and the mental load


Katharina Marisa Katz

Katharina Katz is an author, journalist and creati- ve consultant. She develops new formats for online magazines, video productions and podcasts and of- fers support in content strategy, planning and im- plementation. Her book Just Do It was published by Knesebeck in 2018. She had given birth to her first daughter just a few weeks previously, an event which turned her (working) life upside down. For Kathari- na, reconciling family and working life is hands-on knowledge and a matter very close to her heart.
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Agence Schweiger