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Elisabeth Kaiser

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240 pages

Unnecessary artificial insemination

Environmental toxins and interventions in hormonal equilibrium nowadays lead many women to a situation where they would like a child, but do not become pregnant, and end up in the hands of reproductive medicine. Unnecessarily! This book by an experienced non-medical practitioner and midwife explains the connections between this unwanted lack of having children, and offers many tried and tested ways of removing obstacles.

➤ Realigning the hormonal equilibrium
➤ Everything on the causes of increasing infertility
➤ A genuine book on the desire for having a child

Many women turn in desperation, but also with a certain feeling of discomfort to reproductive medicine, when they are unable to have children. This discomfort is justified, if one considers that artificial insemination, where the sperm is injected into the egg, is rather like rape on a cellular level. (In natural conception the sperm collect around the egg cell, which then “chooses” a sperm.)

As a non-medical practitioner Elisabeth Kaiser has counselled many women (and men too) who want children and has been able to help in many cases. The beginning of the process is to review the desire for a child, but does not end with change of diet, getting rid of toxins, and realigning one’s hormonal equilibrium.
This book represents a scientifically founded, comprehensive presentation of the possible reasons for childlessness, and introduces solutions which lead to a loving natural conception and harmonious pregnancy. At the same time, the author encourages personal responsibility, which may liberate us from soulless ‘instrumental medicine’.

Elisabeth Kaiser

Elisabeth Kaiser, born 1944, gained her midwife certificate at age 20, and worked as a midwife in various clinics. In 1984 she became a founder-member of the federation of free-lance midwives, and for more than 30 years has engaged politically and with lecture tours in support of the profession of midwifery. As a non-medical practitioner the main emphasis of her work is on woman who want to have a child, on pregnant women, and on babies and children. Elisabeth Kaiser has two grown-up daughters, one of whom is a pediatric nurse and breast-feeding counsellor. She lives in the Upper Palatinate in Germany.
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Agence Schweiger