Bad sex: How Patriarchy creeps into our Bedrooms



Dora Moutot

Guy Trédaniel

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442 pages
160 x 230 mm

Dora Moutot’s latest book sensation – feminism and sexuality!

Bad sex is a post-#MeToo essay on female sexuality. Its tone is as forthright as Virginie Despentes’ and its journalistic rigour as serious as Mona Chollet’s.

This highly referenced book addresses female sexuality from a contemporary point of view as well from a historical, social, scientific and politic perspective.

Bad sex covers a wide range of topics touching on women’s sexuality: orgasm diversity, masturbation, the objectification of women, the pressure to be either a virgin or a slut, body shaming, genital mutilation, the burden of contraception, porn, prostitution, rape, submission, sexual racism, sex education, etc.

This book, like women’s sex life, is a journey between pleasure and suffering, which will give you a better understanding of the many issues at stake in female sexuality, and hopefully kick patriarchy out of the bedroom for good!

Bad sex is a book I wrote with all my vulva’nerability.

Bad sex is a book of clit’erature, combining feminism and sexuality.

Bad sex is a book that will shake things up between the sheets!

Bad sex questions the power dynamics between men and women, and analyses the way they influence our sexuality.

Bad sex explains how social constructs rule women’s sex life and how they trivialise sexual violence.

Bad sex is a book that will titillate your senses and your mind.

Bad sex addresses feminine pleasure while tackling the cult of virginity, rape culture, porn, prostitution, sexual racism, traumas…

Bad sex asks the question: What if the fight for our rights actually started in the bedroom?

Bad sex is a book that some might call vulgar. To which I reply: It is not, …

Bad sex is a proud feminist book calling for revulvolution!

Key selling points:

  • A new provocative book by Dora Moutot – journalist, creator of @tasjoui Instagram account (550K followers) and author of “À fleur de pet ” (15,000 sold).

Dora Moutot

Dora Moutot is the creator of the Instagram account @tasjoui (“DidYouCome”), followed by over 550,000 people. When it was created in 2008, it was the first feed combining sex and feminism to gain such success in France. Dora Moutot is also a journalist and a writer. She was assistant editor at Konbini online media, wrote “À fleur de pet”, a book published by the same publisher (15,000 sold), and made the documentary “Comment j’ai hacké mes intestins” (“How I Hacked my Guts”), broadcast on France télévision and Arte channels — both on the topic of digestive diseases.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger