Back training with theraband and pezziball. Exercises for a healthy back



Andrea Röwekamp


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128 pages

Back exercises for beginners and advanced. For prevention and acute back pain. For home & rehab

Never again back! Finally pain-free with fitness band and exercise ball.
With this sports book, back pain is a thing of the past: Certified sports teacher and back school instructor Andrea Röwekamp presents effective exercises that you can use to train your back muscles and prevent discomfort. All you need is a theraband and a pezzi ball. After a brief introduction to back anatomy, you’ll put together your own workout based on targeted muscle function tests and illustrated instructions – gymnastics for the back has never been so easy! The standard work in the 7th new edition: back exercises for Theraband and Pezziball in one book. How do the spine and back muscles work and how can we support them with targeted training? Practical tips for proper training with Theraband and Pezziball: choosing the right equipment, optimal use and care Numerous exercises to strengthen the back muscles and 12 ready training plans to get started immediately.  Health guide for preparing fitness and rehabilitation courses and for back exercises at home For daily workouts and rehabilitation sports: back training for prevention and treatment Theraband and Pezziball are the ideal exercise equipment for neck, shoulder, chest and back muscles. In this fitness guide you will find numerous preventive strengthening exercises for the back, but also exercises for acute back pain. All training units are explained in an understandable way and illustrated with photos. With the help of the tips at the end of the book, you can easily put together your own individual training plan or select one of the twelve ready-made programs. Whether it’s an individual workout at home or professional back exercises in the studio – your healthy back will thank you!

Andrea Röwekamp

The sports scientists Thorsten Dargatz and Andrea Röwekamp have been working for years as specialist journalists, trainers and fitness consultants. Their contributions have been published in numerous books and magazines. Most recently, "Theraband and Pezziball" was published by Copress.
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Agence Schweiger