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Balvinder Sidhu

Mankau Verlag

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168 pages
Softcover with gatefolds

•Holistic detoxification and purification
•Ayurvedic intestinal care
•Tips for every type and every day

•Authentic and successful Ayurveda expert

• Routine day to day tips for every type

Detoxification is a very popular topic although it has been known for thousands of years. Already the ancient Indians relied on regular detoxification of the body. What makes it so special: Ayurveda cleanses body, mind and soul equally and restores the original energy to a person’s organism on all levels. This makes Ayurvedic cleansing the perfect solution for many physical and mental problems of our world of over-stimulation such as permanent stress, exhaustion, sleep disorders, digestive problems, skin problems and hair loss.

India-born Ayurveda expert Balvinder Sidhu will show you a simple and easy way to give your body strength and find harmonious balance at all levels:

•Ayurvedic bowel care: Lay a stable foundation good digestion and a healthy bowel play a key role in Ayurvedic medicine.

•Ayurvedic cleansing: Free your body, mind and soul from the burden of the past with a 5 or 10 day purification cure, yoga exercises suitable for everyday use, short meditation rituals and practical tips for every day.

• The three Doshas: Use the recommendations for the constitution types Vata, Pitta and Kapha for an optimal, individually matched diet and exercise.

Balvinder Sidhu

She was born in northern India and grew up with the Ayurvedic healing tradition in which her family has been rooted for generations. The Ayurveda therapist has lived in Germany since she was twelve years old and sees it as her vocation to combine the millennia-old, holistic knowledge of Hindu scholars with the needs of Western society. She has been running the Institute "Kaya Veda" in Augsburg for about 30 years and has already published several guidebooks (including "Das Ayurveda- Glücksbuch"); her paperback "Energiequelle Ayurveda" (boosting your energy through Ayurveda) (3rd edition 2019) has been pub- lished by Mankau Verlag.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger