Awakening paths


Tarots & Oracles

Dylan collin

Guy Trédaniel

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Box of 35 card
192 pages book
99 x 137 mm

•A beautifully illustrated set of 35 cards to take back control of your life, express all your potentials and move towards spiritual enlightenment.
•A playful tool that enters into a logic of psycho-spiritual therapeutic accompaniment, since its mechanics rely on the consideration of the analytic/cognitive part within, of its mechanisms at work with regard to egotic personality, its conditioning and its negative patterns. All this, in order to make us aware and free ourselves from it.
•A companion book presenting the meaning of each card, as well as a poem written by the author, to be read as a mantra to let its vibratory dimension infuse into us.
•Beautiful illustrations from paintings by internationally renowned Australian artist Cameron Gray.

Dylan collin

DYLAN COLLIN is a spiritual support therapist, energy practitioner and lecturer, a dreamer who works towards a spirituality without folklore, as a way for man's emancipation. He decided to dedicate his life to people who wanted to take the Paths of Enlightenment.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger