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Ingeborg Stadelmann


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448 pages

Live – give birth – die with essential oils

In this guidebook, midwife and aromatherapist Ingeborg Stadelmann presents her successful “Proven Aroma Blends” – from the pregnancy oil “Other Circumstances” to the wound- healing “Rose Tea Tree Essence” and the grief-accompanying “Speechless” to the “Tooth Oil” for babies. Learn everything about the world of aromatherapy and its versatile applications, whether for physical ailments or for the soul.

Whether you use it to make your everyday life more pleasant or to rediscover love with a beautiful massage oil, but also to experience the birth of your child not only as affordable, but moreover unharmed.

This book is aimed at lay people and caregivers alike. The wealth of information, tips and suggestions make it an indispensable guide and compendium for all fragrance enthusiasts.

Ingeborg Stadelmann

Ingeborg Stadelmann (*1956), Germany's most famous midwife, mother and grandmother, is a pioneer in the field of aromatherapy in obstetrics.Today, the aromatherapist and naturopath is mainly active in further education and training.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger