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Peggy Reboul

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Communicating with the Living World

A deeply moving story that will modify your relationship to animals forever.

When she was 40, Peggy Reboul survived a stroke and her life changed dramatically. Not only was she close to dying and unable to speak for a while, but she got a new sense of her essence, of her mission on Earth, and of the importance of making her dreams come true: connecting to Nature, to the living world and to her mediumnity.

In this book, the author explains how she succeeds in healing animals and in treating people with the help of animals. She shares her experiences of communicating with animals, alive or dead. These forward messages of profound wisdom, that she shares with great sincerity and humility.

Peggy Reboul

Peggy Reboul is a medium, a communicator and therapist who supports animals and humans in healing their souls. She reconnects humans to the natural world, lives in France with her healing horses, and leads workshops to share the tools of subtle communication with animals and plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger