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Dragon Rising

Tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT

“I really enjoyed working with these beautifully illustrated Power Oracle Cards. They really are wise and powerful, offering universal guidance and grace.” 

– Diana Cooper

In this book, author Susan Browne combines Modern Energy EFT with exercises to help connect with the angelic realm, to support readers to:

  • Raise vibrational frequency
  • Know how to manage their energy when around challenging people
  • Learn energy approaches to help in overcoming low mood
  • Support changes towards having a happy, healthy body
  • Break free from negative tendencies and habits
  • Heal unhealthy ancestral patterns
  • Clear the chakras
  • … and much more.

Angels are divine beings of light who are ready and waiting to help us in our lives on all levels. You don’t have to be religious to connect with the angels, as they are non-denominational.

Angel EFT is a very uplifting, light, easy to read book, and okay to just delve into the chapters that you need at the time. It is suitable for those who are new to both the angels and Energy EFT as it explains both.

“Angel EFT is a very powerful technique I was really surprised at the way my energy quickly felt clearer. Yes, it really works.” – Diana Cooper, Bestselling Spiritual Author and International Speaker

“I love the enriching way this enjoyable book integrates tapping with angel work. This opened me up to possibilities I hadn’t considered, and I found numerous approaches that I am trying in my own work.” – Brad Yates, EFT Master, Author and YouTuber

Susan Browne

Susan Browne is an international spiritual and motivational coach, author and speaker. On her own journey, she discovered that energy meridian tapping blended perfectly with angel work and Angel EFT was the perfect solution. Susan has many videos on YouTube that you can follow to enjoy seeing Angel EFT in action.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger