Aloe Vera



Gabriele Martine Reichard

Silvia Maria Engl


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120 x 170 mm
112 pages
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How the medicinal plant’s gel supports health and beauty

Who would have thought that we become vitalised by consuming the gel of aloe vera? Or that this remarkable medicinal plant affects our mood and makes us more courageous and creative? Aloe vera is a true gift of mother nature: It provides health and beauty, has a cooling effect after suffering injuries, supports digestion and much more. Tasty recipes and useful beauty tips allow us to spoil ourselves from within and without. Actually, this vitality-boosting miracle shouldn‘t be missing in any household!

› already a classic – now extended
› all about the healing plant aloe vera
› including a plenty of tips and suggestions for application

Gabriele Martine Reichard

Gabriele Martine Reichard lives in Poing (Bavaria) and is a successful alternative practitioner and businesswoman. The encounter with the healing powers of aloe vera changed her life. Today she shares her in-depth knowledge about the queen of medicinal plants and her long-standing practical experience with people all over the world as an entrepreneur and business coach.

Silvia Maria Engl

Silvia Maria Engl lives in Munich and knows from her own personal experience how to free oneself from old patterns and live a self-determined life. As a coach and counselor she guides people on their individual way to freedom. Moreover, she is an expert in aloe vera products of which she herself is an ardent user.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger