Absolutely Cat!



Marion Ruffié

Guy Trédaniel

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242 pages
170 x 230 mm


How to understand and live a happy life with your cat

Whether you are considering adopting one, or already live with one or several cats, this illustrated book will teach you everything you need to know to live a happy life with your favourite feline.

You will discover how to communicate with cats (body language, face expressions, marking, vocalisations, meows, hisses…), what messages they try to convey to you – but also how to make them understand you.

With very practical guidance, the author will advise you on the environment your cat needs, what food to give it, how to take care of its health and respect its rhythm.

From adopting a cat to helping it settle into your home, to its weaning and development, to caring for it at the end of its life and mourning its death, this book will guide you throughout your pet’s life.

Thanks to the numerous boxed texts, tips and testimonies featured, your cat will soon be an open book!

Key Selling Points:

  • Beautiful colour illustrations and photos
  • A popular topic
  • The author is a respected cat behaviour expert with an active community (35K followers on YouTube, 15K followers on Facebook).
  • The author has already written successful books (including practical guidebooks published by Solar).
  • The foreword was written by TV commentator (C8) Yoann Latouche.

Marion Ruffié

Marion Ruffié is a great cat lover! Feline behaviourist and relationship specialist man-cat, she shares her knowledge and tips on different media (M6, " Les Animaux de la 8 " on D8, Femme actuelle, BFM... Find her in more detail on her blog www.absolumentchats.com, her page Facebook " Absolument chats " (14,000 fans) or on its YouTube channel, " Absolument chats " (more than 26,000 subscribers). She is notably the author of “Mon cahier, mon chat et moi” (Solar, 2017, 9,000 ex. GFK).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger