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Monique Bourdin

Guy Trédaniel

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21 x 23
160 pages

A practical book that brings together a synthesis of the most recent knowledge on behaviour and wellbeing of the cat.

The reader will find in this book a wealth of practical information, solutions to everyday problems and answers to key questions he or she may have. It is an essential bible for any future cat owner to live with him a relationship as rich as possible. Ignoring these elementary principles, ignoring its psychology can only lead to dissatisfaction and suffering of the animal. Let’s respect him, let’s not make him suffer. Such are the objectives of this book.

Monique Bourdin

Monique Bourdin, behaviourist veterinarian, graduate of the Pasteur Institute of Paris, epidemiology and medical mycology, worked for years on the human plague in many countries. After a specializing in veterinary dermatology, Monique Bourdin has a passion for the behaviour of our pets and has been for years responsible for teaching and consulting in behavioural disorders at the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort. Author or co-author of books on the cat, she has participated for many years in numerous television and radio shows. She collaborates to numerous professional and popular newspapers, as well as animal magazines.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger