A Natural Cure For Hair Loss



Gianni Coria

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Regrow strong hair through a targeted supply of nutrients and vitalization of the scalp

• Grow new or stronger hair through targeted (self-help) measures

• International Network “Hair Active Experts”

According to statistics 40 per cent of men and even 20 per cent of women suffer from hair loss. In the course of her life, one in two women at least once experiences a period of hair loss. From age 30 onwards three men in four suffer from hair loss. There are various types of hair loss: bald patches, receding hairlines or complete baldness from diffuse to circular to complete hair loss. Also the causes vary. Stress, emotional suffering, organ problems, chemo- therapy, wrong care or poor diet as well as environmental pollution may all play a part in it.

At any rate, hair loss considerably impairs the lives of those affected. They are unhappy and sometimes even desperate since the search for causes and solutions for their hair problems may take years or even be futile. After intensively studying millenia-old Ayurvedic knowledge and complementing it with new scientific findings, Gianni Coria has developed a successful concept for hair care and vitalization. Through an analysis of the scalp, individual diagnosis and hair growth stimulation using natural products and massages he helps sufferers regain full and healthy hair.

The professional know-how of this hair growth expert comprises:
•The most important facts about hair, its structure and its supply with nutrients
•The different kinds of hair loss and their potential causes
• Holistic forms of therapy, tips and tricks from a professional
•Successful practical case reports from users and suffers

Gianni Coria

He used to work as a management assistant in a Swiss chemical corporation, at the same time running a part-time practitioner’s office for deep psychology. In 2009, a customer asked for his help in curing her circular hair loss which had been treated un- successfully until then. Using a combination of meridian point stimulation and Ayurvedic products, Coria managed to reactivate her hair growth. Encouraged by this positive result, hairdressers in Switzerland successfully adopted his concept to cure the most varied types of hair problems. Coria then went on to establish the international network of Hair Growth Specialists, known as Hair Active Experts in the non-German speaking world, which provides natural and sustainable advice and treatment by trained professionals.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger