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Caroline Ebert


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If you work on a computer you are surely familiar with this kind of problem: dry, itchy eyes and an increasingly blurred vision. Not surprisingly, since computer screens are a real strain for our visual organs! And the long- term consequences may be even more serious: vision impairment, glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment or macular degeneration. But none of us wants to miss modern technology, neither on the job nor in our private life. Master optician and eye trainer Caroline Ebert shows how to set up your workplace in an efficient way and introduces well-tried eye-protecting exercises that are suitable for the office. Moreover, she explains how the right nutrition and appropriate breathing tech- niques can contribute to your eye’s health. This is how to preserve the most valuable of your senses for the good things in life!

  • ›  vividly illustrated exercises suitable for the office
  • ›  Caroline Ebert is a master optician and experienced eye trainer according to Bates
  • ›  the author regularly offers eye training courses for companies
  • ›  already 30.000 sold copies of the author’s guidebooks on eye health

Caroline Ebert

Caroline Ebert is a master optician, holistic eye trainer and eye kinesiologist. The techniques she teaches allowed her to successfully treat her own short- sightedness. She runs the eye school “Eyeland” where she already could help many patients and regularly holds eye training courses in companies.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger