A Body to Love



Angelina Caruso


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Trade Paperback
160 Pages

Cultivate Community, Body Positivity, and Self-Love in the Age of Social Media

How to Have A Healthy Relationship with Food and Body Image in the Digital Age

A new conversation about the media and radical self-love, A Body to Love provides lessons on positively navigating body image in a social media saturated world.

Forming healthy relationships with the internet. To Angelina Caruso, recovery meant finding her tribe—a community that offered support, encouragement, and zero judgement. But she never imagined finding them online. Now a health and wellness blogger, she narrates the progression of a body image disorder and her unusual path to recovery.

Self-help healing through community. Grouped into lessons and warnings, this fresh take on social networks follows the author’s personal battle with a near-fatal eating disorder, the online relationships that helped her heal, and the eventual community she cultivated. Part social media guide and part body image and eating disorder workbook, you’ll learn to detect body image issues, heal as a mindful consumer, and inspire …

Angelina Caruso

Angelina Caruso is a health and wellness blogger and advocate. A communication and culture major, she currently manages the social media brand and online community @healthfulradiance. Here, she shares recipes, promotes eating disorder recovery, and fosters a positive space for mental health. Angelina currently resides in New York City.
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