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New Sarum Press is Julian and Catherine Noyce’s second publishing venture. Their first company, Non-Duality Press, was acquired in 2015 by New Harbinger Publications, San Francisco, USA, where it continues to flourish as a discrete imprint.

With the same degree of integrity, at New Sarum Press we are committed to offering books which address the ongoing dialogue between the traditions of Eastern wisdom and Western philosophy and psychology. Non-Duality Press was one of the earliest publishers to unpack and explore the contemporary expression of awakening and enlightenment. It also asked if these concepts are definable, valuable or even ultimately misleading.

New Sarum Press has a wider remit. We still publish the leading guides of the consciousness movement but we are open to books on the perennial philosophy, the counter-culture and its history and the healing arts and therapies. The question we ask of any submitted manuscript is, ‘is this book accessible and relevant to our readers?’ And, ‘is this an original and positive contribution to personal growth and wellbeing as well as the wider healing of the planet?’

Unlike some larger publishers, we work as partners with our authors, we divide the income from book sales equally and offer them our many years of experience in the niche publishing industry.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger