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Robert Saltzman

New Sarum Press

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6" x 9"
636 pages

“Here’s a classic Robert Saltzman: “How do you ‘try out’ ‘universal consciousness?’ Just declare yourself ‘universally conscious’ and assess how that makes you feel? Oh, please.”

Robert is closely related, I believe, to a certain small boy who pointed out that the gorgeously arrayed emperor was actually being driven through the streets stark naked. And yet, at the same time, while ripping apart the defenceless pretensions of a spiritual teacher, he’s disarmingly honest and humble. If it’s possible for a man to be arrogantly humble, then that man’s initials are R.S.

This is what I like about Robert’s approach—I hope you do too: “Honesty about not knowing is, in my experience, where equanimity is to be found. What we actually know is precious little, so many of us fill the apparent emptiness by pretending that believing is the same as knowing. When one believes without actually knowing, then there is always lingering doubt to deal with—even if only unconsciously.”

Robert Saltzman

In the midst of his career as an artist and photographer, Robert Saltzman experienced a sudden and profound awakening—a deep vision into the actual nature of "myself." That abrupt change in point of view, along with a subsequent long illness and slow recovery, changed the course of his life. He left the art world, obtained a doctorate in Depth Psychology, and began his practice of psychotherapy, a work he describes as "days in a small room, face to face with pain and suffering."

As an adjunct to his therapy practice, Robert established a website, that featured his replies to questions about psychology, consciousness, and ordinary problems of living such as relationships, personality disorders, sexuality, mental illness, death and dying, etc. That site became the most popular ask the psychologist webpage on the internet and has welcomed over four million visitors.

In 2012, Robert moved his question and answer work to a Facebook page where it continues to this day. The Ten Thousand Things is a book of words and images about awakening, consciousness, philosophy, and spirituality. Forty chapters—each beginning with a photograph—based upon Robert's replies to questions posed to him on Facebook and in private correspondence. There is now a text-only version of The Ten Thousand Things and an extended Q&A collection entitled Depending on No-Thing.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger