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Roland Yuno Rech

Guy Trédaniel

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14 x 22.5
248 pages


Comments on the great texts os master dogen

Based on the teachings of Master Dogen, who in the 12th century transmitted the spirit and practice of Zen from China to Japan, as well as on his experience as a teacher, the author gives us here a fundamental work adapted to our times.

Meditation is certainly in fashion, but we must know how to return to the essential that underlies it. While the word “Zen” is commonly used as an adjective to describe a serene mind as well as products supposed to bring this serenity, few people know that its origin is zazen – or sitting meditation – transmitted from Buddha. Built around commentaries on Dogen’s essential texts such as Zazengi, Zazenshin, Bendowa, etc., it is an essential part of Dogen’s work and the famous Fukanzazengi, this very exhaustive book turns out to be a great classic on the subject, indispensable to all those who are interested.

Roland Yuno Rech

A great disciple of Taıs̈ en Deshimaru (1914-1982), himself inducted as a Zen master in 1984 by Niwa Rempo Zenj, the highest Zen authority in Japan and superior of the temple of Eiheiji, Roland Yuno Rech teaches at the Nice Dojo and in many sessions in France and Europe. He is above all a monk of transmission and has already published in Le Relié: “Le champ de la vacuité”, “L'illumination silencieuse” and “Zen Sutras” (book + CD).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger