Your Practical 12 Week Wine and Food Pairings Course



Fabrizio Bucella


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192 pages
190 x 240 mm

The concept of this book is simple: in just 12 weeks, Fabrizio Bucella provides an original way of training the reader in finding the perfect wine/food pairings. A genuine course in taste and pairing, not just with wine but also with beer, whisky and even teas, each lesson is decrypted and illustrated, and to be sure the reader has acquired the right skills to advance, each one is rounded out with a series of exercises.

Fabrizio Bucella

Fabrizio Bucella is a sommelier and a wine and beer tasting professor and critic. He runs seminars and training courses. He is Belgium correspondent at La Revue du Vin de France (Paris) Blogger at Le Huffington Post (Paris, France) Director at “Inter Wine & Dine” (Brussels, Belgium) and Sommelier at the Associazione Italiana (Italy). He has written numerous articles on wine and beer for both trade and spe- cialist magazines.
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Agence Schweiger