You Came Here for Greatness



Aaron Rose

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9 Spiritual Tools for Leading, Loving, and Thriving in an Evolving World


A truly unique approach to turning self-understanding and self-love into radical caring for others and collective change

Aaron Rose came to his work as a motivational speaker, transformational coach, and inclusivity leader through his background both experiencing rejection for being LGBTQ within a religious family and being moved to early activism by the conflict and inequality he witnessed growing up in 1990s New York City. But his message is for anyone who feels misunderstood, worries about the seemingly sorry state of the world, and wonders what the heck they can possibly do.

Rose’s hard-won optimism and refreshingly frank approach to spirituality and social change guide readers to believe in the purpose and possibility each of them holds to not only overcome their personal histories but to contribute to a better world. Rose’s examples and instructions are never pie-in-the-sky but real-world and pragmatically empowering. In addition to his wise words, You Came Here for Greatness also includes Rose’s simple yet profound illustrations, which reward repeated viewing with fresh insight, inspiration, and even laughter. The result is both self-transforming and potentially world-changing.

The author is both a spiritual teacher in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle and a sought-after motivational speaker and inclusivity consultant (Johns Hopkins University, NYC Department of Education, Greenpeace, McKinsey)

Rose’s perspective growing up LGBTQ in an unwelcoming environment, his leadership within social justice movements, and his years working for change in governmental, educational, and corporate environments give him a powerfully practical and inspirational voice

Charmingly illustrated insights give readers (including his 21,000+ followers on social media) practical and personal ways to effect real change


Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose is a transformational coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, and inclusivity consultant. He has impacted millions by designing programs for social and cultural healing for organizations including Johns Hopkins University, Sandy Hook Promise, the USDA, and the NYC Department of Education. His signature approach to cultural consulting, diversity education, and heart-centered leadership has also affected thousands through major companies and organizations such as McKinsey and Greenpeace. Rose lives on the unceded Tonkawa, Apache, and Comanche land known as Austin, Texas.
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