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Olivia Herrick


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Trim Size 4×4
Page Count 128

From the popular Instagram account @oliviaherrickdesign comes a collection of designs for every stage of your success journey. Each page will include a fun quote from a famous author who has traveled the road of challenges and failures on the way to success, illustrated in the unique and modern style Olivia has become known for. If you’re feeling down on yourself, not sure where to start, or already on the road to success, there is a page for you. This chunky mini book is the perfect gift for anyone starting a new journey!

Olivia Herrick

Olivia Herrick is a graphic designer based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, best known for her playful, vibrant, and positive artwork. Though you will often find her glued to her computer at her studio, Olivia finds her greatest inspiration in the great outdoors.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger