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224 pages
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Europe‘s pioneer for the forests of the future


The Bavarian Forest national park is a pioneering example worldwide of particularly successful nature conservation. Free from the intervention of man, an impressive variety of species has been preserved here. The spectacular photos in this volume show the full beauty of the national park, while reports give insights into the current status of nature conservation, climate research and education projects. The book also contains interviews with well-known figures who identify with the aims of the park. The preface was written by UN Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall and underscores the international significance of this outstanding project.


Alexandra von Poschinger

Alexandra von Poschinger lives in the Bavarian Forest and in Munich. After graduating, the journalist, PR expert and cultural manager worked for newspaper Passauer Neue Presse, the Bayerische Rundfunk and in a communication and design agency before setting up her own business. She writes for daily newspapers and magazines and works as a book author for well-known publishing houses.

Rainer Simonis

Having grown up in the town of Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest, Rainer Simonis has known the national park since his childhood. After studying forestry management, in 1993, he returned to the region, where he now manages the national park office in Finsterau. On his forays into the woods, he photographs their animal and plant life.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger