White Sky, Black Sky


New Age / Esoterics

Brigitte Pietrzak

Mama Éditions

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An initiation into Mongolian Shamanism.

After feeling strong and clear intimations, Brigitte Pietrzak decided to go and meet Enkhtuya, a renowned she shaman from Mongolia who introduced her to ancestral practices. « One is born a shaman, no one becomes a shaman » teaches Enkhtuya who, right after the first ritual, acknowledged that Brigitte was born with the gift.

With short thematic chapters, this book takes us on a journey to the roots of shamanism and the discovery of rituals, symbols, sacred animals, and values that are the essence of shamanism in Mongolia. Brigitte Pietrzak reveals the key moments of a practice of mindfulness, far from all stereotypes concerning trance. She makes magic meet with lucidity, and power with lightness.

White Sky, Black Sky tells not only of the confrontation between two worlds, but of the coexistence of identities gathering to build wholeness. The White Sky is the headquarter of the spirits of light, inherent helpers, while in the Black Sky dwell self-reliant, though spirits, with whom one has to bargain for help.

Shamans are inspiring and inspired visionaries, soul healers, agents between the visible and invisible worlds, who know how to communicate with spirits from various skies and work for goodness and love.

Brigitte Pietrzak

Brigitte Pietrzak is a musician and an artist. She practices shamanism in France and Mongolia. 
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger