What if we showed kindness at work?



Christèle Albaret

Nicolas Caruso

Guy Trédaniel

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20,5 x 25,5
250 pages
Four-colour printing illustrations

When the brain gives you all the secrets to act

Too often relegated to the private sphere, kindness is an indispensable ingredient for a productive and peaceful professional life. This illustrated guide with a daring style delivers a turnkey method to develop and maintain benevolence at work. The reader learns how to decode everyone’s reactions to resolve conflicts and work in harmony with others. The book is organised in four thematic chapters, addressing the four types of brain:

• the analytical brain (“What”): theories and references explain corporate kindness;
• the imaginative brain (“Why”): questions fuel the reader’s thought process;
• the pragmatic brain (“How”): tutorials presenting the right method;
• the experimental brain («What if»): practice sheets offer feedback from experiments.

Christèle Albaret

Christèle Albaretisan expert in psychology, coaching, neuroscience and socio-sexology. After twenty years working in a company, she now puts her expertise at the service of large organisations and the media.

Nicolas Caruso

Nicolas Caruso, graphic facilitator, has worked for more than ten years in communications consulting agencies. He has illustrated two works by Diateino : Revolutionising Heal h and Safety at Work by Mikael Mourey and Acceleration by Nicolas Minvielle and Martin Lauquin.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger