Welcome to the Small World: A Book of Big Surprises!


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Kelly McManus


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Trim Size: 11.5in x 9in
Page Count: 40

Milkmaid Margaret has spent her entire life working as a farmhand. Wearing her working dress and apron, she makes her way through the barn with her silver milk bucket and tries to milk anything–giant cows, pigs and maybe even a fish or two. Von Pelt is a hunter from Australia. Dressed in his pith helmet and knickers, he stalks the forest for prey, unaware that he is about to become dinner for a ginormous snake. Bob the Balloon Man works under the beautiful multicolored lights of the giant Ferris wheel trying to sell balloons the size of poppy seeds. Such is a day in the life of Welcome to the Small World: A Book of Big Surprises! All of these heroes, and many more, share two things in common: They get along in our world oblivious to the challenges around them–and they all measure in at 3/4” tall, the size of a dime. Kelly McManus partners with fine art photographer Kurt Moses (Un Petit Monde) for this debut children’s book project. With a quirky narrative and over 40 stunning images, Kelly and Kurt capture their love of all things magical by igniting your imagination as you enter this new Small World.

Kelly McManus

Kelly McManus Kelly McManus began her 20 years of storytelling and design experience as a line producer on William Joyce's 3D animated, made-for-television children's series, Rolie, Polie, Olie, winner of a Daytime Emmy Award. By watching concepts adapted to screen daily, she learned the art of telling a concise yet humorous story. Along the way, she honed her skills visually as an award-winning graphic designer and creative director. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, Mike, and son, Max.
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