The Wild Meadow


Children's Books

Angelika Huber-Janisch

Annette Zacharias

Knesebeck Verlag

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Infos :

24.6 x 33 cm
Hardcover 64 pages
Colour illustrations throughout



Crawling, chirping, flying and buzzing: a meadow is full of action! And a wild meadow is a fascinating place: A miniature biotope just waiting to be discovered. This book aims to raise awareness among children and adults of how to help preserve what we consider to be everyday, run-of- the-mill meadows, because they are not only home to a wide range of flowers, but innumerable creatures above and below ground. Meadows play a decisive role in a well- functioning ecosystem. This book takes a look at the flowers and plants, fungi and mosses which grow here and which children can then examine more closely on their next walk. And there are various animals and phenomena underground, too – an exciting microcosm whose diversity is little known.


In this attractively designed, large-format book, an award-winning biologist takes a look at the exciting microcosm of our meadows through a magnifying glass

Unique naturalistic illustrations invite young (and old) students of nature to discover and be amazed by a hidden world
Sensitises children to the need to be attentive in our

dealings with nature and to preserve the plants, birds, animals and insects of our wild meadows

Angelika Huber-Janisch

Dr. Angelika Huber-Janisch grew up in a small village in Upper Bavaria and now lives with her husband near Landshut. She studied biology and never lost her passion for writing. For more than 20 years, she has written articles for various magazines. In 2010, she received the ‘German Award for Nature Journalism’, special award ‘Der Wilde Rabe’, for publications in children’s and youth-oriented media

Annette Zacharias

Annette Zacharias lives in Berlin and on the Baltic coast. As a freelancer and agency employee, in addition to illustrations and editorial drafts, she has created logos, websites, CI content, storyboards, photographs, stage sets and classical products. Teaching design is a topic very close to her heart, whether to students or as part of cross- disciplinary school projects.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger