The virus will not pass through me!



Marc Perez

Éditions Eyrolles

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160 page
12.5 x 19 cm

Coronavirus is still circulating, but there are simple solutions to avoid it. Barrier gestures must become reflexes to protect oneself and others: wearing a mask, washing one’s hands, physical distancing, general hy- giene… To avoid getting ill, one must also strengthen one’s natural de- fences. How can this be done? By adopting a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, by taking targeted vitamin and mineral cures, by taking care of the quality of your sleep, by having regular physical activity… So many effec- tive rules for a top-notch immune system!

Marc Perez

Dr Marc Perez is a General Practioner Doctor. He is also trained in Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, aromatheraphy, etc.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger