The Terre vivante guide to essential oils


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Françoise Couic Marinier

Terre Vivante

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19.5 x 24 cm
416 pages

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100 essential oils + 500 blends = the best of natural aromatherapy

This complete guide shows the reader how to care for the whole family using essential oils. The book can be used in two different ways: by looking up either essential oils or illnesses. 100 essential oils are thorougly examined in turn (composition, properties, precautions of use). 30 of them are multi- purpose and quite common for treating every-day ailments, the other 90 are rarer essential oils for those who wish to go further. More than 200 illnesses, organised into different groups (ear/nose/throat, digestive system, articulations, stress, insomnia, etc.), are presented with an initial emergency treatment as well as a long-term treatment.
The book also describes first-aid kits adapted to several situations: beach holidays, mountain-hiking, skiing, work, babies, etc.

This guide meets the expectations of both beginners in aromatherapy and the most demanding and professional among us and uses results of the most recent scientific studies. All in all it provides more than 500 different health and beauty formulas for making safe homemade remedies.


Françoise Couic Marinier

Dr. Françoise Couic Marinier is a doctor of pharmacy, a trainer in phytotherapy and aromatherapy for health professionals and a university lecturer. She is author of articles and books for the general public and professionals and has co-founded the only university degree in clinical aromatherapy in France (Strasbourg). She also trains several hundred health professionals every year, contributing to the development of aromatherapy in the hospital.
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Agence Schweiger