The Splendor of Wounded Souls


New Age / Esoterics

Agnès Stevenin

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416 pages
14 x 22 cm

“I could have called this book, ‘Experience of a Healer: The Return.’ I preferred The Splendor of Wounded Souls because that title truly reflects my daily reality. Every day, I come into contact with the deep suffering of those who come to me for healing. Our souls are splendid and eternal, but there are wounds within each one of us that moan, cry, or rumble.

Like a surgeon who knows how to repair the innermost parts of our bodies, like a doctor who knows how to restore health, like a psychologist who knows how to listen and to set us back on our paths, my job is to heal.

And in my work, the soul reveals its secrets to me.

Alleviating pain, giving renewed meaning to someone’s journey, relieving the body, calming, and mellowing: these things enable our soul to find its light once again. Oftentimes during a session, that light begins to radiate, to shine, sometimes even to blaze.

And in that moment, the splendor that resides in each one of us is revealed.”

Agnès Stevenin

Agnès Stevenin is a healer. She discovered her gift at an adult age. Her life then changed radically, and she shifted from an ordinary state of consciousness to becoming an energy caregiver. She now dedicates her abilities to helping her patients in their physical and psychic healing process.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger