The scent of the rose


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Barbara Našel


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120 pages

Awarded the German Garden Book Prize 2020 as “Best Garden Book for Children

The rose elves go on a journey …

… to find out what makes the scent of the rose so special. Other fragrant plants seem to be much more important today. They have active ingredients that make them useful as medicinal herbs or spices for people and animals.

And the rose? Can it maintain its rank as the “queen of flowers”? A fairy tale from the realm of fragrances, for reading aloud and reading by oneself, which brings children and adults alike closer to the world of essential plant oils in an enchanting way.

A herbal tale to read aloud and for children and all who love fairy tales..

Barbara Našel

Barbara Našel has loved stories about animals and plants since childhood, especially the children's books by Ida Bohatta. Together with her family, she discovered her love for medicinal plants during walks in the forest. She turned her passion into a profession and today, as a pharmacist, she passes on her knowledge of aromatherapy and naturopathy to customers and in advanced training courses and workshops. Children's stories and publications for colleagues were created in her pen and with her own illustrations. Barbara Našel has two children and lives with her family in the Vienna Woods.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger