The resilient garden



Garden & Nature

Jean-Paul Thorez

Terre Vivante

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304 pages

Our gardens are also subjected to the current climate, biodiversity and pollution crises. The book presents the different observations and threats and then the methods that can be applied by gardeners in order to preserve the soil, ecosystems and garden plants. The resilient garden is a broad, all-encompassing concept that can be applied to other levels (farms, urban parks, public spaces, etc.): this technical and scientific book will also be of interest to professionals.

Jean-Paul Thorez

Jean-Paul Thorez is an agricultural engineer and has been an amateur gardener for many years. He is also a journalist specialised in organic gardening and author of numerous books on the subject. Sandra Lefranc╠žois is a scientific mediator and journalist for organic gardening and environmental magazines. She creates and animates educational activities on plants and gardening.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger