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Galya Ortega

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Basics, practices and self-massages

All foot/hand/face reflexology, from China, Thailand, India, Japan, Bali, South Africa and modern adaptations for spas. With many suggestions for With many suggestions for self-massages and tips on how to do them at home.

Foot reflexology massage is certainly the most practiced massage in the world: in Spas, at home, in hospitals for the elderly, etc. It is both very well-known and very mysterious.

It is extraordinary to note that we find the whole body on this small surface that are the feet. The reflex zones are mirrors of our organs, our emotions, our thoughts and our whole energetic dimension.

True holistic care, a meeting between the psyche and the soma, reflexology invites us to a journey of well-being and therapy that can help us find our unity and balance.

Purely technical books on reflexology abound. This is not the project of this book which proposes a transversal approach to reflexology (feet/hands/face) in different cultures, with a positioning of the massage in the local positioning of the massage in local medicine, its originality, a study of particular movements.

It is fascinating to discover that behind this treatment, reflexology, one can find a palette of treatments so varied.


It is at the same time a practical, cultural and educational book, which will make you discover :

– Chinese reflexology ;

– Indian reflexology Padabhyanga with the Kansu bowl;

– Nuad Thao foot and leg reflexology from Thailand;

– Japanese reflexology, Shokushindo;

– Indonesian and Balinese reflexology, Pijat Kaki;

– South African metaphorical refloxology.

Finally, a last part is devoted to original contemporary creations of reflexology massage for Spas:

– Foot reflexology with hot stones or semi-precious stones;

– Foot reflexology with a tuning fork;

– Reflexology with a small soft brush;

– Reflexology with a self-heating seaweed mud poultice;

– Gua sha massage.

For each reflexology, you will find:

– The principles behind each reflexology.

– The therapeutic indications and contraindications.

– The main techniques of implementation, with many illustrations, as well as the products or utensils needed.

– Several suggestions for self-massages to be carried out at home, with many tips

Galya Ortega

Galya Ortega is a therapist, holistic care practitioner, specialist in energetic approaches to well-being and a trainer in well-being massages. She is a specialist in energetic approaches to well-being and a trainer in well-being massages. Spa expert for more than 30 years, she is a creator and trainer of treatments for the biggest cosmetic brands and Spas. cosmetic brands and for Spas. She leads symposiums and prestigious professional meetings in the world of well-being. She is a journalist and lecturer specialising in Spas and has published more than 20 books to date.
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Agence Schweiger