The Little Why-Wolf Goes on Holiday


Children's Books

Sabine Dully

Sylvia Englert

Knesebeck Verlag

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15.0 × 21.5 cm
Hardback 112 pages
20 colour illustrations
40 b/w illustrations


The little why-wolf is excited: He’s going on holiday with Finn and his parents. Of course, before and in- between, there are a couple of questions that need answers: why the mighty-mice use stinging-nettle spray to ward off cats, why elephants with colds should avoid using toilet brushes or why caretakers repair stars. Finn also celebrates his 7th birthday, and the little why-wolf gets a beautiful collar with very special, original, non-luminous stars.

Sabine Dully

Sabine Dully was born in the German Palatinate, studied communication design in Trier and lives with her husband in Cologne, where she illustrates children’s books, eats waffles and dreams up a wide range of worlds and characters for film and TV. After working as an art director for a design agency for many years, in 2017, she founded children’s book team “Dully&Dax“ with Eva Dax in order to focus on telling great stories with wacky characters. Eva Dax studied literature in Essen, while at the same time working as a freelance journalist for various print, TV and radio editorial offices. After graduating, she was an intern with radio station SWR and worked as a consultant and editor for radio and television. In Cologne, where she lives with her husband and two sons, she met Sabine Dully. With their amusing stories and one-of-a-kind characters, the duo “Dully&Dax“ bings a breath of fresh air to the market for children’s books.

Sylvia Englert

Sylvia Englert (b.1970) always wanted to be a writer. It was a childhood dream she eventually succeeded in fulfilling after various intermezzi working as a copy editor and journalist. Since then, she has published a number of books for children and young adults (under the pen name Katja Brandis). Her book Wörterwerkstatt was nominated for the German Prize for Youth Literature. She really enjoys answering questions – that explains why seven titles in the children’s non-fiction series Frag doch mal die Maus are by her. But she has clearly got far more fun out of inventing comical answers for the little Whywolf. Englert lives near Munich with her husband, their very inquisitive son and three cats.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger