The Line


New Age / Esoterics

Ashley Wood with Ben Wood

Sounds True

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256 pages
6 x 9 inches


A New Way of Living with the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records

Live a soul-aligned life as you learn a new way of accessing the wisdom of your Akashic Records in this modern, accessible guide.

When you see yourself as a soul-being made from energy that resonates across time and space, you begin to understand how everything in your life is deeply connected to your soul’s experiences—in this realm and beyond. You can access the wisdom of these experiences through an energetic Line connecting you to your Akashic Records, a metaphysical library of your entire soul journey. With The Line, Ashley Wood teaches a new way to access your Akashic Records.

After showing you how to activate your Line through breath and movement, Wood dives into supportive practices, including exploring the unique frequencies that you receive through your Line, trusting your messages and loving yourself enough to act on them, managing emotions and energy, making multidimensional connections across soul experiences, living in aligned love for yourself and others, and understanding how these universal frequencies support you in coming back to yourself.

Ashley Wood with Ben Wood

Ashley Wood is the cofounder, alongside her husband, Ben Wood, of A Line Within, a platform dedicated to supporting others in using their Akashic Records to understand their soul journey. Ashley hosts The Line, a weekly podcast.
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