The Great Book of the 12 Energy Releases


New Age / Esoterics

Stéphanie Abellan

Guy Trédaniel

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Infos :

226 pages
170 x 220 mm

Cellular memory, meditative reading, visualisation

Stéphanie Abellan is a therapist specialised in the release and clearing of cells. In this book she presents different methods to get free from cellular blockage. Beyond your physical and psychic body, your health depends on your energetic body and cellular memory.

The 12 chapters of this book will show you how to release the cellular blocks you carry within you, sometimes without even knowing it. Before you start healing with the 12 meditative readings, you will need to understand how your cellular memory works, how blocks form and how it can affect your life on many levels.

12 types of blocks are treated:

self-sabotage; chakras; strength; abundance; intuition; self-love; the relationship to our body; love and romantic relationships; emotions; sexual abuse; toxic relationships; forgiveness.

Each chapter features:

  • An explanatory text to inform and reassure your conscious mind and mental so that they can cooperate during the release process.
  • An energy treatment through meditative reading, for channelling energy and visualising carefully chosen keywords that will help you free your blocking memories.
  • Exercises to build a new energy.

When you combine the power of the conscious mind to that of the unconscious, you gain access to a powerful, deep liberation potential, because your self vibrates in harmony with the energy of change.

Key Selling Points:

  • A famous author with a large network.

Stéphanie Abellan is a renowned therapist; this practical book is eagerly awaited by her large community.

  • Beautiful details: hardback cover, gold foil, colour illustrations.

Stéphanie Abellan

Stéphanie Abellan has always been interested in spirituality and personal development. In 2018, she decided to open an Instagram account to share her knowledge on these subjects with her personality and joyful temperament. In January 2019, she creates the concept of the highly successful energy jewelry "Médeores" and the collection of Ankaa's books. All her work focuses on the release and cleansing of cellular memory. She is the author of Karma Bitch, from the same publisher.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger