The Five Tibetan Rites easily done



Barbara Simonsohn


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162 x 220 mm
168 pages
Colour illustrations throughout

Energy and zest for live, physical and mental agility, charisma and spiritual development: All this is within your reach by practicing the »Five Tibetans« a few minutes every day. For centuries monks in Tibet have been practicing this sequence officive simple physical exercises, keeping themselves youthful well into their old age. For Barbara Simonsohn, a sought-after expert and pioneer in health subjects, this practice has been a daily ritual for more than thirty years. Based on her rich wealth of experience she introduces the vividly illustrated techniques and describes their effects on body, mind and soul. Just get started and experience exuberant vitality in an ageless body!

› with step-by-step illustrations
› including detailed explanations how and at which levels the exercises work
› just a few minutes of daily exercise activate the flow of energy and improve your well-being

Barbara Simonsohn

Barbara Simonsohn is a sought-after health expert and best-selling author. The graduated social scientist lived and worked in the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland where she came in contact with the authentic Reiki as conveyed by a lineage of Reiki teachers directly tracing back to its originator Dr. Mikao Usui. Since she got acquainted with the »Five Tibetans« more than thirty years ago she has been practicing them on a daily basis. She teaches in Germany and abroad.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger