The First 16 Secrets of Chi



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Luk Chun Bond


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252 pages

The First 16 Secrets of Chi offers a series of vitalizing and healing exercises that are at once astonishing in their simplicity and profound in their effects. Moreover, the exercises are prescriptive, acting like a ‘medicine of movement.

Luk Chun Bond

Luk Chun Bond began learning these art forms from his father and grandfather at the age of six. They were both very famous herbal doctors, professors of Feng Shui, and Tai Chi Chi Kung masters. Bond's family has been carrying, for over 200 years, the tradition and teaching experiences of healing over a hundred thousand people in the east and west. Bond is descended from a long line of practitioners having their roots in ancient times. For centuries, Buddhist and Taoist monks of China have studied ways to master the human body -- cure its ills, control the mind, and increase longevity. With encouragement and support from many ruling dynasties, the Chinese practice of traditional holistic healing developed into the art form described in the I Ching as t'ai chi. T'ai chi has been introduced to Western cultures as a choreographed series of slow, methodical movements performed in meditative silence.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger