The essential healing toolkit for empaths



Jane Novak

Watkins Nourish

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Unlock Your Sensitivity Superpower

A practical guide outlining how empaths can protect themselves from sensory overload and burnout. A step-by-step transformational journey of unlocking and reclaiming energy and power. Sensitivity is a strength. The Essential Healing Toolkit for Empaths offers a healing roadmap, from Step 1 “Master energy awareness” to Step 7 “Activate and share your gift”. Tools include breathing exercises; powerful visualizations; inner voice journaling; how to create “transition breaks” to overcome energy drains. This book helps empaths move from being in a state of turmoil to becoming comfortable in their skin and more confident in relationships and interactions. Discover the freedom empathy unlocks in all areas of life: leadership, creativity and love.


Jane Novak

Jane Novak is a speaker, energy expert and healer. She empowers empaths and sensitive people to feel alive again, find their calling and create a heart-centred, abundant life. Jane is a world-renowned thought leader, helping sensitive people thrive in business and in life. She is on a mission to empower women and men of any age to fall in love with their life.
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Agence Schweiger