The Earth and us


Garden & Nature

Roland Albignac

Terre Vivante

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22 x 28,5 cm
320 pages CMYK

Most citizens understand today’s ecological issues, but lack the basic knowledge to really take them on board. This book aims to provide an environmental assessment of the knowledge, experiences and concepts in understanding ecological systems, which have already been very developed and discussed since the 20th century, but whose objectives are still far from being achieved. The aim is to propose possible orientations that will enable us to act in the best possible way and with full knowledge of the facts. The guiding thread of the approach is to recall the main ways in which life on Earth functions. These principles, better understood and acknowledged by all, should enable the non-specialist reader to form his or her own opinion of the complexity of environmental issues.

Roland Albignac

Consultant in environmental expertise, Roland Albignac is an agronomist, researcher in biology/ecology and honorary university professor. His activities have focused on ecological monitoring for the sustainable management of natural and man-made environments. They have been carried out in tropical and temperate environments within the framework of university research, and at UNESCO, in its program for the sustainable development of biosphere reserves and World Heritage sites. He is a UNESCO senior consultant in environment and sustainable development, and a member of the ecological watch committee of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind. He also gives numerous conferences.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger