Permaculture on my balcony


Garden & Nature

Hervé Chabert

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21 cm
132 pages

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Vegetables, fruits, herbs, edible wild plants….

Can small, productive and environmentally friendly permaculture systems be created in urban areas? Hervé Chabert has made a successful bet and shows the reader, via this book, that it is possible to set up an authentic mini forest-garden on a balcony! The reader can thus satisfy the desire to garden and produce a certain quantity of food as well as being part of the permaculture movement. Hervé Chabert explains how to get started, how to design a permaculture balcony, how to get equipped, how to choose the right species to grow and how to best organise production over the seasons.

Hervé Chabert

Hervé Chabert is an engineer and has worked on an original experience of small surface permaculture, studying the specific problems that arise in such a context and providing the possible solutions. Ecological, environmental, energy aspects, water and waste management, creation of micro-climates, biodiversity, growing medicinal plants, perfume plants... Nothing is left to chance and everything is possible (or almost) on a balcony!
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger