The Big Book of Angels


New Age / Esoterics

Jeanne Ruland


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Gatefolded paperback
Size: 162 x 220 mm
344 pages

Everything about the celestial guides and how to connect with them

Heavenly, full of light, graceful … »Brightly golden-white shining angels appeared in my dream. They filled the whole room with their light; everything was bathed with gold.« This experience inspired angel expert Jeanne Ruland to share with us her extensive knowledge of these wonderful beings of light. The result is a unique angel compendium. Herein we learn everything about the work, the nature, and the importance of the heavenly companions for us and our development. We learn how many different angels there are, where they exist, and why they actually have wings. A lexicon with over 1800 angel names as well as an extensive practical part with prayers, meditations, and rituals enable us to find our very personal access to the lightful helpers. Let’s call for the angels to appear and support us in our lives! They work and act in a thousand different ways, are everywhere, and understand everyone without exception – through the language of the heart.

Jeanne Ruland

Jeanne Ruland is one of Schirner’s best-selling authors. The mother of three lives in Darmstadt and is an angel medium, Huna teacher, seminar leader and travel guide for international spiritual journeys, covering a wide range of themes. She teaches studies in nature, angels and light working as well as ascended master studies and sacred geometry.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger