The Art of Loosing Relationships




Mohsen Charifi

Windpferd Verlag

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184 pages
13.7 x 21.5 cm

We ourselves are the architect of our relationships. Whether they run happily and harmoniously, lead to an amicable separation or continue in endured dissatisfac- tion, all this is in our hands.

Then, of course, the question arises, „If the fate of my relationships is in my hands, why do they so often turn out differently than I want?“ Because we keep stumbling over the unevenness in our own patterns of thinking and behaviour that we fail to notice in the dense fog of our routines. This also applies to our partner, of course. The aim of this book is to notice precisely what we otherwise don‘t notice, because only then we can influence and change it.

Mohsen Charifi

Dr. Mohsen Charifi, born in Tehran, has lived in Germany since 1961. After completing his doctorate in physics, he studied psychology. The logical-abstract think- ing of a physicist, the sensitive grasp of experiential process- es and mental processes of a psychotherapist and the forma- tive mysticism of the Orient form a harmonious whole as the basis of all his work.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger