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Albert Bates

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Stop the Pollution

– Provides an in-depth look at the global assault on our planet caused by the use of disposable plastic.
– Covers the urgency at hand as well as available solutions.
– Children are shown what they can do in their daily lives to help deal with this growing problem.

Plastics were created to last forever? and that?s the problem. It?s estimated that by 2050, there will be more pounds of plastic in our oceans than pounds of fish. Young people will be uniquely impacted by environmental pollution in the future. This book describes how plastics are made, explains why they are such an enormous problem for the environment, and examines why this problem has reached a crisis point and what can be done to clean it up. Kids are also informed about the creative solutions that visionary people across the planet are using to curb plastic waste. Many of these ideas for taming plastic are being implemented by young adults.

Albert Bates

ALBERT BATES is the author of 18 books on climate, history,and ecology. His book Climate in Crisis (1990) was among the first to call attention to global warming. He is the founder and director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology
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