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François Couplan

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15 x 23,5 cm

Recipes with fruits, flowers and vegetables

Nature offers a range of edible plants that is much wider than the supermarkets’ limited assortment may let us think. Sometimes, bending down or stretching an arm is all it takes to be able to make delicious jam, at a price that cannot be beaten.

Inspired by his frequent travels, ethnobotanist François Couplan introduces in his book more than 80 fruits, flowers and vegetables that can be used for making jam. Some of the recipes are classics, but most of them aim to make you discover new flavours. Let yourself be tempted by onion squash and dried apricots jam, dates and pineapple jam, woodruff mandarin marmalade or spiced hawthorn jam.

The author gives lots of advice to guide even the less experienced: you will know exactly what equipment you need, which other processes you can adopt, how to make your own jelly and jams with honey, and how to correctly seal your jars in order to avoid mould.

The first edition of this richly illustrated book was out of print. A second edition was published due to popular demand.

François Couplan

François Couplan is a specialist of the traditional uses of wild and cultivated plants, which he studied on five continents. As an ethnobotanist (PhD), he wrote more than 80 books on plants and nature. Since 1975, he has been teaching how to use wild plants through field classes. He is the inventor of “soft survival”, that allows participants to experiment a profound connection to nature. He also founded the Practical college of ethnobotany, which offers a three-year training to plants enthusiasts. In addition, he worked with great chefs to restore forgotten flavours to favour. His original jam recipes spotlight some of these unknown edible plants, while remaining accessible to anyone.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger