Straw construction: fundamentals, techniques, case-studies




Luc Floissac

Terre Vivante

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20 x 26 cm
384 pages

Straw is a renewable, locally available and healthy resource that is also an excellent insulant.
In this book, the author presents the main properties of straw as well as the rules, regulations and standards, and the different types of construction techniques that use straw in many different ways.
Using 40 different case-studies throughout Europe of individual or shared buildings, the author illustrates straw construction techniques: structural and self-supporting, hybrid techniques, complementary structures, straw combined with different frame structures and renders, using straw in bulk, straw cements, interior or exterior straw insulation for renovating or new buildings.

Luc Floissac

Luc Floissac is the coordinator of the Group on straw construction rules and regulations. He is a researcher and lecturer at the Toulouse school of architecture.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger