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Denis Ark

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Soul Invincible is the third and final volume of a holistic series that completes the “nine gates of invincibility,” which are the most common factors of the greatest and most successful martial artists in history. The information within this installment is distilled from studying legends in science, religion, and zen philosophy in conjunction with my own experiences from the past 20+ years in self-discipline, training martial arts & fitness, fighting competitions, meditation, and overall knowledge of health and wellness. This book focuses on cultivating the spirit, and the goal is to help readers strengthen their spirituality to achieve the ultimate success in life, invincibility.

Soul Invincible is the continuation of the ultimate success handbook for martial artists. This book is a guide that incorporates martial arts philosophies and a holistic spiritual approach to strengthen the faculties that help you fulfill your primary mission in life.

You will find in this book that the final three gates include:

7.) FAITH: the reader will learn that cultivating the spirit is the highest form of martial arts training, which establishes a connection to the source of all energy and power. Through the Link, the reader will discover their true self (the soul) and how it connects to all things, which enhances faith in themselves and a Higher Power to create the world around them, receive the best of everything, and enjoy the freedom of body, mind, and spirit.

8.) WISDOM: the reader will learn about the natural forces of the earth and how to use the Laws Of Nature to rise to higher stations in lifeBy learning how to fortify a bond with nature, the reader will open up the spiritual gates that put them on the path to enlightenment. The wisdom develops a kinship with the spiritual power that brings forth spiritual riches and “heavenly treasures,” not just material ones.

9.) POLARITY: Readers will learn about Yin & Yang and how the Art of Polarity will neutralize internal conflict. In this gate, I conclude the message of altruism regarding one of the most important Zen philosophy messages, which is ridding the body, mind, and spirit of all evil. The reader will learn how to overcome the negativities of life and how to harness and cultivate the positive forces to attract and achieve the best of everything, become the best version of themselves, and light up the world around them.

Denis Ark

I am the owner and head martial arts instructor, boxing coach, certified fitness trainer, and certified strength & conditioning specialist at Invincible Ark Fitness in Nutley, New Jersey. I teach, motivate, and help others change their lives for the better in every aspect of life. With over 20+ years of experience in sports training, martial arts competition, boxing, strength training, meditation, and overall knowledge of health, wellness, and nutrition, I have successfully competed in multiple National Level Full-Contact Martial Arts competitions. In 2007, I won a gold medal in the Washington D.C. Kung Fu Tournament. My martial arts background consists of Hung Ga Kuen Kung Fu and other styles such as Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Boxing, Sanshou & American Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Arnis, and Grappling (Wrestling & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Lastly, in 2019, after only five years of teaching, I was the youngest member inducted into the Masters Of The Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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Agence Schweiger