Sleep and chronic pain : better sleep for faster healing




Christine Cazard-Filiette

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15 x 24 cm
128 pages

The latest sleep data is alarming: adults have lost an hour and a half of daily sleep since the last century and the resulting impact on the way the body functions is not trivial. Sleep and pain, in particular, do not mix well. While the vast majority of patients with chronic pain experience insomnia, sleep disturbances can also contribute to the development of pain or to its intensification.

In this book, readers will find:

♦ An explanation of sleep cycles, how sleep needs change throughout one’s life, and the hormonal mechanisms involved in sleep physiology.

♦ An overview of sleep disorders, how they can poorly affect overall health and induce pain, as well as patient cases from the author’s clinical practice to illustrate these points.

♦ Concrete strategies for better sleep such as learning how to better manage sleep, improving lifestyle and diet, and avoiding conditions that adversely affect sleep.

♦ Several tests to assess sleep and a series of questions and answers that help the reader to learn more about sleep and pain.

This book will help readers to better understand sleep, identify their own rhythms, and better manage their sleep cycles to improve the quality of their lives and avoid or help treat chronic pain.

Christine Cazard-Filiette

Dr. Christine Cazard Filiette is an algologist and manager of the Chronic Pain Assessment and Treatment Structure at the Gonesse Hospital Center. She practices complementary analgesic therapy, specifically hypnosis and acupuncture, with chronic pain patients and pregnant women.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger